Tape Coffee Tables Now Available on Kickstarter Digital Trends

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“Why it matters to you We all occasionally long for tech from yesteryear. Here’s one way to satisfy that desire without breaking the bank.
If you yearn for the u201980s u2014 for the sounds of gated reverb blasting through the boombox u2014 but youu2019re a sucker for digital conveniences, a new Kickstarter campaign may satisfy that nostalgia without compromising musical integrity. A startup called Taybles is offering its line of cassette tape-shaped coffee tables at a big discount.
Itu2019s been about six years since the first Cassette Tape Coffee Table was created by Taylor Calmus in the manageru2019s closet of the apartment building he was working in at the time. The first product was simple, built from plywood, and found its home in Calmusu2019 own living room. But after showing the retro piece to his friend and business partner, Justin Nanfelt, they decided to up the quality, enlist Tayloru2019s brother Zach, and try to sell Cassette Tape Coffee Tables online.
Since then they say theu2019ve sold their tables to nostalgic customers in 10 countries. The high-quality tables came at a cost. The u201cA-Sideu201d tables sell for between $1,700 and $2,300.
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