SE Trailblazing Newcomer Change Please Pioneers Post public statement enrollment blog

“We are all familiar with the phrase: u201cwake up and smell the coffeeu201d, but few of us are brave enough to face up to the realities of a situation, never mind actually doing
something about it.
One-year-old social enterprise Change Please (CP) takes this idiom to a whole new level. CP is a coffee brand like no other, providing homeless people with housing, training, and a London living wage while they train to become fully-fledged baristas. The idea is beautifully simple: serve coffee that tastes good, and does good too.
With the support of The Big Issue, CP has empowered homeless people with the skills, equipment, and speciality beans they need to become certified baristas. By providing professional training and support alongside housing, bank accounts, occupational therapy and clinical psychology, CP gives those in need an opportunity to turn their lives around, all the while proving that people who are homeless are not hopeless.
Pioneers Post met one of CPu2019s beneficiaries, Marian, serving up cups of coffee and laughter to thirsty Londoners at his quirky Piaggio van at London Bridge. He tells us how he and his wife Lucy have both benefitted from CPu2019s invaluable work, with Lucy brightening up the days of miserable London commuters at Canary Wharf.”

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