In Michigan Crappie Coffee Offers Alternative to Crappy Coffee Daily Coffee News

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“Waiting rooms, gas stations, complimentary motel breakfast buffets u2014 these are the places where crappy coffee often is the only option.
Yet in Michiganu2019s Upper Peninsula, where anglers far outnumber Gibraltar-sippers, the name of a new roasting company called Crappie Coffee is an endearing ode to the popular pan fish and the folks who spend their free time catching them, rather than a description of quality.
David Grant, who co-owns the Marquette-based Crappie with Nicole Alexander, is an angler. And though head roaster and sole employee Dylan Trost is not, he does have a hearty sense of humor and appreciates the good fun that also reels in the support of sporting locals.
u201cWe actually care quite a bit about quality in our product. Itu2019s just kind of a joke,u201d Trost assured Daily Coffee News, also noting that while the name, like the fish, is most commonly pronounced u201ccroppy,u201d even thatu2019s not a hard-fast rule. u201cYou can call it whatever you want. I call it u2018crappy;u2019 thatu2019s what Iu2019m used to.u201d
Born and raised in the U.P., Trost gravitated to the dry and quiet side of coffee after years on the wet and comparatively wily barista side. u201cI didnu2019t really enjoy being a barista so much. I liked actually making the drinks, but I was just so focused on roasting coffee, thatu2019s what I really wanted to get into,u201d said Trost, who now relishes working in relative seclusion, in an 800-square-foot industrial space on the outskirts of town.”

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