How This SisterRun Business Is Changing The Dating Game Forbes

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“By Samantha Walravens & Heather Cabot
Dawoon Kang and her two sisters grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Their dad started a metal recycling business right out of college with his own brother. The three girls watched their father tirelessly build his business, always thinking about how to disrupt the industry, how to operate faster and more efficiently. u201cWe saw him go through his ups and downs – celebrating his wi
ing of a large trading deal with one of the conglomerates in Korea, showing off the latest recycling machine he patented that would cut cost by a significant amount, practicing his speech to the company during a difficult time of downsizing,u201d Kang explains. u201cIt was very moving and inspiring. u201c The sisters told themselves that one day they would create something meaningful themselves. 2012 was that year.
Here, we hear from Dawoon Kang, cofounder and COO of online dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel, about the challenges she and her sisters have faced as entrepreneurs in the male-dominated tech startup world, why they felt the need to create an app that puts women in charge of their dating experience, and whatu2019s in store for their customers this Valentineu2019s Day.
What was the inspiration for starting Coffee Meets Bagel?”

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