Caffeine Combats InflammationRelated Heart Disease Newsmax

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“Coffee lovers can quaff to their heartu2019s content, according to a new study from Stanford University. Thatu2019s because the results suggest that coffee may help prevent heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.
The long-term study of more than 100 adults tracked older people who fell into two groups. The first group had a genetic predisposition to having high levels of age-related inflammation and excess production of an inflammatory protein called IL-1-beta. The second group had far lower levels of inflammation.
Individuals in the u201chigh inflammationu201d group was much more likely to have elevated blood pressure and stiff coronary arteries. They also were much less likely to have a close relative who lived to at least age 90.
But researchers identified one lifestyle factor stood out: The u201chigh inflammationu201d group drank almost no caffeinated beverages while the u201clow inflammationu201d group drank as much as seven cups of coffee per day.
During the course of the study, the researchers found that this was no coincidence. In fact, caffeine blocked the inflammation levels, which have been linked with cardiovascular disease.
u201cThis inflammatory [mechanism] is mainly associated with infectious disease,u201d says Dr. Mark Davis, PhD, a senior co-author of the study, which was published online in the journal Nature Medicine.
u201cThereu2019s always been a lot of speculation about the role of inflammation in cardiovascular disease. This is the first time the pathway has been associated with cardiovascular issues.u201d
The results suggest that IL-1-beta may be one of many new molecular targets in the quest to conquer heart disease, which is the worldu2019s leading cause of death.”

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