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“Maria Glotfelter
Features Editor
Prince Street Cafu00e9 was abuzz with activity on Monday afternoon. Students and workers were either studying, typing away on a computer, or just taking a quiet break to enjoy a quick cup of coffee. Despite it being busy, there was plenty of seating around, from tables and booths to bar seats and large, raised tables. The cozy interior was a welcome from the windy winter weather waiting outside.
The inside was decorated with hipster-esque paraphernalia. The walls held various pictures, including one with a quote, u201cI may be homeless, but that is not who am.u201d In the corner, another picture hung which said u201cRevolutionu201d in bold white letters across a beige background. Underneath, it said: u201cRevolution exists to empower women experiencing the crisis of homelessness.u201d One painting pictured a mug full of colorful brushes. These paintings helped give the Prince Street Cafu00e9 an artsy atmosphere.”

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